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  • Help protect the car door, prevent collision when participating in traffic
  • Minimize risk when we intentionally open the door to touch a vehicle next to or touch a wall.
  • Help reduce noise inside the car, limiting annoying noise when distracting when driving.
  • In addition to useful use on U-shaped rubber gaskets can also highlight your car.
  • Rubber seals with U-shaped rims have metal rims inside to ensure strong adhesion at the door edge.
  • The installation of U-shaped rubber gaskets is quite simple, you just need to wipe the position of the car door edges and cover the car door edges.

How To Use

3 Color




  • 1 roll of 10m is enough for 2 front doors, 2 rear doors, trunk and capo.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Steel core.
  • Size of gaskets: 8 * 10 mm.
  • Colors: White, black, red.
  • Easy to install at home.


Cardoor Protection



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Product Ratings


(183 Rating)






Easy to install and it Stays in Place

Ronnie Obordo

Bottom Line up Front: This door trim was installed using a rubber mallet and small towel to cover the head of the mallet in protect the door if I missed. The trim was installed on the driver and passenger side front and back door, as well as the edge of the trunk area. The entire installation took about an hour to complete. This was installed about two weeks ago and have seen no issues with it staying in place. 

Installation Process: I lined up the trim along the edge and used the mallet to carefully knock it in place. Then I used an exacto knife to cut off the trim and move to the next area.

Knowledge Gaps: I've heard some people complain after the dents/scratches these types of door trims leave once it is removed. I obviously can't speak to that but I have no reason to think it would leave it since the internal part of the trim has rubber flaps. If I end up removing the trim I'll update this review with any damage left by the trim.

Color: Black

Verified Purchase

Pj Aliaga Tambalos

This is really cool stuff. I just got it today and put it on tonight. I got the black to go on my white car which already has black accents so it fits right in. I like the little metal grippers that hold without adhesive. My doors had some pretty unique curves so I hope it stays on well a little challenging to get around the curves. I use a rubber mallet and tap lightly and it works out fine. Be careful not to crimp before you get it on the door because you really can't bend it back out.

 Great product looks like it belongs

Color: Black

Verified Purchase

Very easy to install. Just use a small rubber mallet or small scrap piece of wood to 'bang' (GENTLY!!) the trim on to the door edge. I used a pair of 'tin snips' to cut the molding (if some of the silver metal shows, just touch it up with a black Sharpie pen.) I installed this on my wife's 2018 white Hyundai Tuscon and it looks great and should save the door edges. Highly recommend,

Randy Labid

 Easy to install

Color: Black

Verified Purchase

This has got to be the best product for this application. It is very flexible and yet the metal "clamp" that is embedded in it makes it hold tight. You will need a durable strong tool to cut it though. Diagonal wire cutters won't cut it unless they are heavy duty like electrician's wire cutters. I used the metal shears that you see in the picture. They worked great and made a nice clean cut even at an angle. This installation was on a 2915 Hyundai Sonata Sport and I was able to do all four doors with more than five feet left over. I think I'll use it on my trunk lid edge. Installation was simple using the rubber mallet to lightly tap the guard in place. I think it looks great and it matches the car color well and it is nearly invisible too. I'm very happy with this product.

Ronny Acosta

So easy to install and looks so good!

Color: White

Verified Purchase

In our tight 2-car garage, the edge of the drivers door of my Subaru Forester always opens into the passenger door of her Porsche Macan no matter how careful I am. There's just not enough room. Not a good situation. The door edge guard arrived yesterday and I installed it without difficulty this morning in our 50 degree garage. Seems nicely made, no kinks, and a good blend of stiffness and flexibility. Watch their little video for installation tips, they have a couple of good suggestions. I really like the internal metal bracing which helps with the fitting and installation. I followed the video instructions exactly and used a small soft-blow plastic mallet to gently tap the edge into place. It trims easily for the correct length and I suggest installing it from the top down - trim the top before you start and then trim the bottom by making a mark, pulling it off a few inches at the bottom and then finish trimming it. It has a nice semi-gloss texture that goes well with the black trim on my car. Nice snug fit which shouldn't become an issue and hopefully it's soft enough to reduce the chip & ding risk to her car and my well-being.

Asnawi Lantod

Seems to be a good product; installs easily

Color: Black

Verified Purchase

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